Protect Your Electrical Systems with Our Advanced Automatic Surge Protection Device (ASPD)

So! Power !t, a dynamic unit of Samsoneiros Innovations Private Limited, introduces the world’s first Automatic Surge Protection Device (ASPD) by Leionder Plus, certified as per IEC 61000 4-5 class 3. This cutting-edge solution redefines industry standards, empowering businesses and individuals with unparalleled protection.


Product Overview: Leionder Plus ASPD

The Leionder Plus ASPD, featured by So! Power !t, represents a quantum leap in surge protection technology. Developed by Leionder Plus Private Limited, this revolutionary product sets a new standard in safety and reliability for electrical systems. Engineered to surpass international standards, the ASPD offers protection for electrical systems against indirect lightning surges and switching surges. Engineered to exceed the standards set by the IEC 61000-4-5 international standard- Installation Class 3. ASPD provides unmatched protection against both positive surges and negative surges.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Robust Surge Protection:

Designed to meet IEC 61000-4-5 International standards- Installation Class 3(Surge Immunity), our ASPD ensures your systems are shielded from the most common surge threats, safeguarding your infrastructure and critical equipment.

2. Maintenance-Free Operation:

With no servicing or part replacement (cartridge) required, our ASPD offers hassle-free protection, saving your time and money in the long Any degradation of parts while handling surge is not considered as a Surge Protection Device as per IEC 61000-4-5 standards .

3. Automatic Functionality:

Our ASPD automatically manages surge protection without manual intervention, ensuring your systems are always safeguarded.

4. Tested Durability:

Proven to withstand over 240 surge pulses in various conditions, our ASPD provides lasting protection, ensuring continuous operation even under extreme surge conditions at 0,90,180,270 phase angles.

5. No Earth Line Required:

ur ASPD does not require a dedicated earth line for function, offering reliable surge protection without the need for additional infrastructure.

6. Cost-Effective

With its durability and maintenance-free operation, our ASPD eliminates the need for costly replacements, providing superior protection at a fraction of the cost of traditional surge protection

Indicator: Features an LED lamp to indicate operational status and successful surge protection.

Invest in Reliable Surge Protection [The Real SPD]:

Choose our Automatic Surge Protection Device for comprehensive, maintenance-free surge protection that meets international standards. With its proven performance and cost-effective operation, our ASPD is the smart choice for safeguarding your electrical systems against surge damage.

Leionder Plus Automatic Surge Protection Device (ASPD) Specification

Comparison between Leionder Plus Automatic Surge Protection Devices (ASPD) and other SPD’s available at Market

Warranty: We provides 6 months (Domestic) & 2 Years (Industrial) replacement warranty for our ASPD [First time in the history of SPD market]

Installation and Operation:

Easy to install and operate, the ASPD integrates seamlessly into your existing electrical infrastructure as plug and play model, providing immediate protection without the need for complex wiring and earthing setup or configuration.

Company Mission:

At So! Power !t, our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers. Through strategic partnerships and state-of-the-art technologies, we aim to empower businesses and communities worldwide with solutions that redefine possibilities and drive success.

Invitation for Sales and Distribution Partnerships:

As So! Power !t expands its horizons, we are actively seeking national and international partners for sales and distribution of the Leionder Plus ASPD. Join us in bringing this revolutionary surge protection technology to markets worldwide. By partnering with So! Power !t, you gain access to a cutting-edge product with proven reliability and performance, supported by a team dedicated to excellence and innovation. Contact:

Whar Our Clients Say


— John D., Facility Manager

"Ever since we installed the Power !t ASPD in our facility, we've experienced zero downtime due to surge-related issues. The peace of mind knowing our critical equipment is protected is invaluable. The automatic functionality and maintenance-free operation make it a truly set-and-forget solution. Highly recommend it!"

— Sara M., Small Business Owner

"As a small business owner, surge protection was always a concern. With the Power !t ASPD, I no longer worry about the potential damage from lightning or switching surges. It's been a game-changer for our operations, providing reliable protection without any maintenance hassle."

— Mark L., IT Director

"We had an instance of a significant lightning surge in our area, and thanks to the Power !t ASPD, our electrical systems remained unaffected. It’s impressive how well it meets international standards. This device is a must-have for anyone serious about protecting their infrastructure."

— Emily R., Homeowner

"The Power !t ASPD has been a fantastic addition to our electrical system. Installation was straightforward, and it’s been working flawlessly ever since. The fact that it doesn’t require any servicing or part replacements makes it incredibly cost-effective over the long term."

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ASPD is designed to protect electrical systems from both indirect lightning surges and switching surges. It provides comprehensive protection against both positive and negative surges.

The ASPD exceeds the IEC 61000-4-5 international standard for surge immunity, specifically meeting Installation Class 3. This ensures a high level of protection against surges commonly encountered in various environments.

Yes, the ASPD is maintenance-free. It does not require servicing or part replacement, saving both time and money. Unlike some other surge protection devices, any degradation of parts while handling surges is not considered acceptable as per IEC 61000-4-5 standards.

No, the ASPD operates automatically. It manages surge protection without the need for manual intervention, ensuring continuous protection for your systems.


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